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BOULDER, Colo. – Alfalfa’s Market, an early innovator in the organic and natural foods grocery industry, has installed the Airius Air Pear® destratification fan system to improve both customer and employee comfort as well as continue its commitment to sustainable energy-saving practices.

Alfalfa’s, which reopened under new ownership in downtown Boulder in 2011, installed 15 Air Pear fans, including two with the Airius Suspended Ceiling Kit for the store’s lower ceiling in its dairy products area.

Alfalfa’s will also install the Air Pear fan system in its new store in Louisville, Colo., scheduled to open in June.

The Air Pear fan system, which moves warmer air in high ceilings in a direct column to the cooler floor below to equalize temperature throughout the store, has created a more comfortable environment for both shoppers and employees, Store Director Dale Kamibayashi said.

Alfalfa’s entrance faces West, where wind and cold winter air blows in when the doors open. Air Pear fans installed over the entrance and nearby checkout counters immediately warmed up those areas.

Alfalfa’s also found that shoppers were colder on its north side, where the store has its produce, frozen foods and open dairy, seafood and meat counters. By installing Air Pear fans there, the area became much more comfortable, Kamibayashi said.

“We feel we were losing some business in products like cheeses, olive bar, seafood and meats simply because chilly shoppers would get what they wanted but wouldn’t take longer to browse over new food products or items not on their shopping list,” Kamibayashi said.

With its Airius system, Alfalfa’s:

  • Installed one Air Pear fan with a PHI (photohydroionization) kit near its seafood and meat counter, primarily to reduce odors. The PHI kits mitigate not only odor, but bacteria, mold and viruses.
    Will be monitoring its gas and electricity bills to see if higher efficiencies in its storewide HVAC use, freezer cases and open refrigerated cases reduce its overall energy use.
  • The Air Pear destratification fans fit well with Alfalfa’s commitment to support the local community and environment, Kamibayashi said. The store utilizes LED lighting and low-flow restroom fixtures and emphasizes a strong recycling program. Alfalfa’s is targeting a 100 percent in-store zero waste program, and already has achieved a 93 percent rate.

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