Activated sludge plant

Effective and reliable waste water treatment is achieved only by correct dimensioning of the technology. It is extremely important to know and be able to control waste water characteristics (concentration, flow, peak loads). Evac’s long experience with waste water characteristics and our ongoing research program give us a clear advantage in the field of waste water treatment.

Evac STP/MSP is a compact package plant using activated sludge process. It combines two aeration chambers, which increase resistance to shock load, a sedimentation tank and a disinfection unit. Third generation Evac units are available in both coated carbon steel and stainless steel.
Evac STP/MSP offers numerous advantages :

  • Odorless system
  • Layout flexibility
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Easy sludge removal
  • Low maintenance costs and low spare part consumption
  • Double aeration chambers → double reliability for biological process in hazardous process situations ensuring microbes to survive and recover

Evac STP/MSP effluent quality :

  • BOD5 <50 ppm
  • TSS <50 ppm
  • Faecal Coliforms <250 CFU/100mL
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