Evac Horizon

The Evac Horizon vacuum collection unit is responsible for generating and maintaining a vacuum in the system piping. The Evac Horizon, a suitable solution for supermarkets, delivers many advantages and benefits beyond the capabilities of traditional gravity plumbing.

The liquid-ring vacuum pumps generate a vacuum by forming a sealing ring of water. The rotary displacement liquid-ring pumps are particularly suited to pumping gases and vapors, which may contain small amounts of liquid. The vacuum collection unit uses a freshwater connection in conjunction with a re-circulating water reservoir to supply the liquid-ring pumps with the correct amount of sealing fluids. The collection tanks receive all wastewater and discharge it into the building’s sewer system. The tanks operate independently and are controlled by high-level switches.Evac Horizon

The unit comprises:

  • Control panel
  • Two or three liquid-ring vacuum pumps with rotary displacement, depending on model
  • Vacuum pump cooling system using recirculating water
  • Vacuum volume tank of 150 gallon / 567 liter
  • Two wastewater collection tanks of 40 gallon / 151 liter each
  • Valves and controls



Evac Horizon


  • Compact design
  • High reliability with low maintenance requirements
  • Quiet operation
  • Works continuously, even during the discharge process
  • Construction flexibility
  • Cost effective

Evac Horizon

Evac Horizon - table

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