Horizon Jr.

The Evac Horizon Junior vacuum collection unit is designed for use in supermarkets for the collection, transportation, and discharge of condensates and other gray wastewater.

The vacuum system significantly reduces, or even eliminates, the need for underfloor drainage in the sales area. The vacuum collection unit supplies and maintains vacuum pressure in the system piping, receives the collected wastewater, and discharges it into the building’s sewer system. The liquid-ring vacuum pumps generate a vacuum by forming a sealing ring of water. The vacuum collection unit uses a fresh water connection in series with a water reservoir to supply the liquid-ring pump with the correct amount of sealing fluids.

The system comprises:

  • Two liquid-ring vacuum pumps with rotary displacement
  • Wastewater collection tank 30 gallon /113.6 liter
  • Vacuum control solenoid valves
  • Control panel

Evac Horizon Junior


  • Small footprint
  • Ideal for
  • High reliability with low maintenance requirements
  • Quiet operation



Evac Horizon junior - table

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