Evac’s Horizon vacuum drainage system is an efficient, reliable, and compact solution in your grocery store.

Vacuum interface valves consist of simple, reliable components with easy, time-saving and cost-effective maintenance.

The Evac MiniVac vacuum collection unit provides vacuum suction for supermarket condensates and can be connected to up to 18 2.5-liter capacity interfaces. The system’s.

The Evac SMC vacuum collection unit provides vacuum suction for condensate and effluent. Effluent is temporarily stored in the vacuum collection tanks and air is.

The Evac EcoVac units are ideal for black and gray water collection on large application. Vacuum tank systems consist of a tank with a typical capacity.

The Evac OnlineVac is a durable, low-maintenance online vacuum generation unit that macerates sewage and generates the vacuum required for the discharge process. It features extra-strong.

The Evac OnlineMax is the most powerful and energy efficient vacuum collecting system for toilet systems ever made.

The Evac OnlineFlex uses robust mechanical components to create and maintain constant vacuum in a vacuum toilet system without the need for intermediate tanks. The.

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