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BOULDER, Colo. – With a lot of glass to light up the space and garage doors that open so beer drinkers can enjoy Colorado’s sunny weather, Sanitas Brewing Company’s taproom is the perfect spot to enjoy one of their many innovative microbrews.

But even though the microbrewery is located in Boulder, a city along the scenic foothills of the Colorado Rockies where residents frequently soak in sunshine, the winter months can be very chilly.

To keep customers and his staff warmer and more comfortable year-round, Sanitas Brewing CEO and Co-Founder Michael Memsic looked just up the road to another local company, Airius LLC, manufacturer of Air Pear air destratification fan systems.

Recently, Sanitas Brewing installed three Airius Air Pear Model 25 fans in the ceiling of their 2,000-square-foot taproom. Sanitas was able to easily select fans based on their needs, the fans work well in the taproom’s design and are virtually unnoticeable to customers.

The Airius fans, Memsic says, “made a significant difference, and the room has become so much more comfortable.” The change, he adds, “was an immediate change. The day we installed [the Air Pears] our heaters worked significantly less.”

In addition to employee and customer comfort, Airius destratification fans help cut facilities’ energy bills. By circulating warmer air from high ceiling areas, Airius fans reduce temperature layering known as stratification. That airflow, in a gentle column directed to the floor, equalizes a facility’s overall temperature, preventing excess heating costs due to stratification.

Memsic says, Sanitas is leaving the taproom fans on night and day, keeping the temperature balanced and comfortable for when the taproom opens for the day.

“Without a question, this is reducing our HVAC from running constantly,” Memsic adds.

“I don’t believe that any of our customers notice the fans,” he says. “They are discrete, and they don’t blow too hard.”

Airius offers its turbine-shaped fans, with patented stator technology, in “plug-and-play” models servicing ceiling heights of 8 to 125 feet. The Air Pear fan also is offered in a Suspended Ceiling Fan model for dropped ceilings. Details and specifications on all Airius fans are online at

Installation at the Sanitas taproom couldn’t have been easier, Memsic says. The fans mounted quickly using a scissor lift taking only about 30 minutes to get each up and running.

Sanitas opened its new taproom in September 2013, and the spot is popular with the many microbrew lovers in Boulder as well as visitors. Typically, Sanitas will have anywhere from 10 to 12 different brews on tap. On Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, Sanitas offers tacos from McDevitt Taco Supply, which operates a taco cart on Boulder’s popular downtown Pearl Street Mall.

Sanitas, located at 3550 Frontier Ave. in Boulder, brews a full range of microbrews, from IPAs to brown ales, an imperial cherry stout and a citrus-infused lager. Hours, descriptions of microbrews and a gallery of their microbrewery and taproom are online at

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