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SportsPleX, an innovative indoor soccer facility, created a more comfortable sporting environment this summer by installing a system of 12 Airius destratification fans.

With a busy schedule of team play ranging from boys and girls aged four years old to adult leagues, the business is capitalizing on the growing popularity of soccer for families.

But with a facility often packed with leagues and drop-in players, Vice President and General Manager Daniel Durnell says the lack of air movement created a stagnant environment at the Fairborn, Ohio facility. Too warm in the summer, too cold in the winter; Durnell needed a solution.

As he started looking to improve playing conditions at the facility, with its ceiling peaking at 35 feet, he explored the idea of destratification fans that not only would keep air moving in warmer months but circulate the hotter air down from the high ceiling in the winter for more comfort as well as help cut his energy bill.

After contacting Airius, Durnell says a sales representative offered to let him test a fan in the space before having to make a purchase decision. “He was very helpful assisting with fan recommendation and layout,” Durnell says.

Durability, low noise and ease of installation were other factors that led to installation of 12 Airius Q-50-P4 fans. The Q Series is the newest fan model from Airius, designed to have less sound output.

The enclosed, turbine design of Airius fans also prevents damage if they’re impacted by a soccer ball, basketball or volleyball.

As the fans were installed, even the electrician was surprised by the strong air output for their size, Durnell adds.

Soccer players as well as families watching the games say they’ve been much more comfortable throughout the summer. Now, Durnell adds, “We’re looking forward to seeing how they operate during the cold Ohio winter.”

Airius destratification fans, with models servicing ceiling heights up to 125 feet, have become a market leader for sports facilities of all sizes, from smaller climbing wall gyms with high ceilings to much larger college and professional sports arenas.

By keeping air circulating and balancing temperature from ceiling to floor, HVAC systems have to work less in both summer and winter months, cutting energy costs.

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