University of Colorado, Indoor Practice Facility

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Due to the location of the supply diffusers located halfway up the sidewalls, the recently constructed CU Boulder indoor practice facility needed a means of mixing the ceiling air with the space below. They required a fan system that would provide full coverage, be unobtrusive and operate quietly. Airius was able to provide a full destratification system design to meet the needs.


The Designer Series 125 fans provide 100% coverage across the space by redistributing warm air collecting at the ceiling level during winter months. The equalized temperature varies by no more than 3 degrees from ceiling to floor and wall to wall. The fans produce a tight column of air that directs ceiling air to the floor below for increased comfort and energy savings. The color and quiet operation make the fans imperceptible to the occupants below. The campus building automation system can control the speed of the fans wirelessly to fine tune the fans for the given installation height.

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