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DRD Systems provides cost saving, energy efficient and resource saving building solutions with innovative, yet simple building systems.


Vacuum Drainage
  • Build your facility anywhere (commercial & residential) — No water table/soil restrictions
  • Significant water savings (only 1/2 gallons per flush)
  • Full space design flexibility
  • No floor cutting/core drilling
  • Simple & quick remodels and new system installation
  • Evac OnlineMax
    The Evac OnlineMax is the most powerful and energy efficient vacuum collecting system for toilet systems ever made.
  • Evac Prestige toilet
    Is made of finest porcelain with luxurious Prestige seat and cover. It is available as wall mounted and floor mounted models.
  • Vacuum interface valves
    Vacuum interface valves are available in .53 and 1.32 gallons. The tank of .53 gallon unit (upper picture on the left) is made of polypropylene and ...
  • Evac EcoVac System
    Vacuum tanks are the original technology first used onboard marine vessels. Vacuum tank systems consist...
Thermal Destratification
  • Savings of up to 35% on HVAC costs
  • ROI in 12 - 36 months
  • Simple installation
  • Increased comfort for customers and employees
  • PHI units help mitigate odors, viruses, bacterias and VOCs
  • Reduced internal condensation and wet floors
  • Air Pear Free Hanging Fans
    Designed for open ceiling applications, an Air Pear system utilizes several fans working in concert ...
  • Air Pear Suspended Ceiling Fans
    Designed for a 2 ft. x 2 ft. acoustic ceiling tile, commonly found in offices, school classrooms and libraries, ...
  • Designer Series
    Solve comfort issues, increase productivity, save on HVAC energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint with a ...
  • Wired or Wireless FanCenter Manager
    All EL designated motors (45-EL, 60-EL or 100-EL) utilize a FanCenter Manager to monitor and control fan speed, ...
Water Treatment
  • Advanced treatment for wastewater recycling
  • Make your home, office, commerce or your industry more eco friendly
  • Insure safe utilization and compliance towards standards
  • Non potable reuse can allow you to get the maximum water saving points
  • Advanced wastewater treatment
    EVAC membrane bio-reactor (MBR) consists in merged intensive biological and ultra-filtration processes. ...
  • Activated sludge plant
    Effective and reliable waste water treatment is achieved only by correct dimensioning of the technology. It is extremely ...
  • Evac OnlineMax
    The Evac OnlineMax is the most powerful and energy efficient vacuum collecting system for toilet systems ever made.
  • Grease separator
    Grease, fat and oil can have deleterious effects on downstream wastewater treatment such as filter clogging and decrease ...
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